Welcome to Questrooms!
The real-life escape games in Cyprus, Limassol!
Interactive and fun rooms! Find all hidden clues and riddles, solve puzzles and manage to escape!
2-6 persons
Leoforos Amathountos 2, Limassol 4531, Cyprus
Phone +357 95 500 350 +357 99 368 712
Escape the prison
You are imprisoned in a dark, cramped cell. All of a sudden the guard stumbles, hits his head on a pipe and falls down unconsciously. This is your chance to escape! You need to get out before the reinforcement shows up! Can you escape?
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2-6 persons
Leoforos Amathountos 2, Limassol 4531, Cyprus
Phone +357 95 500 350 +357 99 368 712
The haunted photostudio
Strange noises and squeaks are heard in this photolab.... Some people think there is a ghost living here. In order to get out of this terrible place you have to discover all the hidden objects, develop the photograph, tame the laser beam and show great courage!"
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24 June — 14 July
To book a game, pick a date from the top line and choose any available time slot in one of the rooms.
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Questrooms is a unique and extremely fun way
to celebrate your birthday,
bachelor party or have a team-building for your company!
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Real-life Room Escape game
New type of entertainment
It is just like that video game, but now its for real!
There is no age limit: kids, teenagers and adults will enjoy the game
Quest is a team game
Children older than 10 are welcome to join the game if there is at least one adult in the team
Teens older than 14 do not require any supervision
All participants will be monitored by the personell via secuirity cameras, and if necessary, provided with a hint. Maximum 3 hints per game
No special knowledge or physical skills are required in order to play
Only 50% can make it out of the rooms
Do you think you can do better than that?
How to find us
Our address in Limassol Cyprus: Leoforos Amathountos 2, Limassol 4531, Cyprus

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